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2008: Decision Year for RIAs - October 20-22, 2008 San Jose

(October 15, 2003) - When details about Longhorn, the update of Microsoft's Windows OS, are unveiled at the PDC later this month, developers will welcome the system's enhancements in the area of data storage. The existing file system, NTFS, will be augmented by a new data storage syste...
(October 15, 2003) - This week, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System, bringing the power and productivity of Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the Microsoft .NET Framework to business solutions built on the latest versions of Microsoft Word and M...
(October 14, 2003) - Longhorn, Microsoft's next-generation operating system, will debut at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles at the end of October. Redmond sources say that the company will distribute a pre-beta of Longhorn during Bill Gates' opening keynote, ...
(October 8, 2003) - The Visual Basic .NET Resource Kit is an essential resource for developers creating Windows, Web and mobile based applications using Visual Basic .NET, and it's ready for download now. The information in the kits will enable developers using Visual Basic .NET quickl...
With the PDC imminent, we thought it might be handy to share with readers the quick breakdown of current MS codenames that Microsoft's Mark Fussell recently published.
(October 1, 2003) - Infragistics is now shipping the Infragistics NetAdvantage 2003 Vol. 3, featuring best-of-breed developer tools for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, Microsoft .NET Framework, and Microsoft COM. NetAdvantage 2003 Vol. 3 now enables developers to deploy ink-enabled ...
(September 30, 2003) - The Web services electricity began flowing from the very first moment at Web Services Edge 2003 (West) today at the Santa Clara Convention Center. To a packed theater of IT professionals,'s CTO and vice president, Allan Vermeulen, delivered an opening ...
(September 30, 2003) - With its recently announced ContentServices 2.0 SDK (CS SDK) Web services toolkit, Interwoven, Inc. delivers support for the Microsoft .NET platform and its programming model, the .NET Framework. CS SDK is a robust Web services toolkit that interoperates seamless...
(September 30, 2003) - Compuware's newly released DevPartner Studio 7.1 Professional Edition developer suite helps developers build more reliable applications and components for the Microsoft .NET Framework and for native Windows. DevPartner Studio 7.1 now offers integration with Micro...
(September 22, 2003) - InstallShield Software Corporation has released InstallShield DevStudio 9, the solution that enables developers to choose the Microsoft Windows installation technologies that best suit their needs.
(September 18, 2003) - Altova's XMLSPY 2004 is now integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET versions 2002 and 2003. The new integration of XMLSPY 2004's XML development tools and utilities directly within Visual Studio .NET will enable the Microsoft developer community to easily bu...
(September 12, 2003) - This week, Microsoft issued Security Bulletin MS03-039, warning of three critical vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system and providing instructions for applying the corresponding patch. The first two problem areas are buffer overrun vulnerabilities, whil...
(September 11, 2003) - I work for a consulting firm in the Chicago area. Back in the spring of 2000, the firm I work for bet the future of the company on the .NET Framework (this is when it was called NGWS). The firm dug in and invested considerable time and money to teach the consulta...
(September 10, 2003) - The new Borland Together Edition for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET is positioned to be the first independent, integrated design, modeling, and code environment for the Microsoft .NET Framework to simultaneously connect enterprise architects and developers through ...
(September 10, 2003) - Using Windows instead of a J2EE/Linux platform when developing certain programs could save companies from 25 to 28 percent during a four-year life cycle, according to a Giga Research study commissioned by Microsoft. 'The primary conclusion of the study is that Mi...
(September 2, 2003) - If you're interested in the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) and the technologies associated with the event, look into the new PDC Bloggers site. A small group of developers from the technology community attending PDC 2003 thought it would be coo...
(September 2, 2003) - Desaware is now shipping its Desaware Licensing System, a cryptographic based licensing system for .NET. Designed for per server/machine and component licensing, it is extremely easy to use and can be configured for both moderate and high security scenarios. With ...
(August 27, 2003) - ComponentOne LLC has announced the availability of the latest ComponentOne Studio subscription for the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. ComponentOne Studio for Mobile Devices includes ComponentOne FlexGrid™ for Mobile Devices, ComponentOne Chart™ for Mobile Device...
(August 26, 2003) - The DotGNU Project, which is part of the GNU project of the Free Software Foundation, announces its first International Collaborative Coding Competition. Participants in this competition will collaboratively complete the implementation of the System.Windows.Forms pa...
(August 25, 2003) - The ASP.NET team at Microsoft has issued this alert: We have identified an issue with the recent MS03-32 Security Update for Internet Explorer security patch and ASP.NET V1.0 running on Windows XP. This patch can be installed manually or by obtaining recent criti...
(August 20, 2003) - Microsoft Corp. has released to manufacturing all the core products in the new Microsoft® Office System, marking a critical step in the delivery of the company's most powerful and valuable release of Office. The Microsoft Office System is the result of one of the la...
Developers in need of an automated unit testing tool for apps built on the .NET Framework were probably wondering how long it would take a company like Parasoft, long famous in the Java space for its automated error prevention software solutions, to dip a toe in the .NET water.
(August 11, 2003) - Software development tools-maker Iron Speed has released an enhanced version of its popular application generator tool, Version 1.4, which helps IT departments accelerate the development of Web applications. In a few hours, Iron Speed Designer generates up to 80% o...
(August 7, 2003) - Quinn-Curtis, Inc. has introduced QCChart2D Charting Tools for .NET, an object oriented, .NET based charting toolkit aimed at developers who want to add sophisticated interactive charting graphics to their C# and Visual Basic for .NET applications. The toolkit suppor...
(July 29, 2003) - Microsoft Corp. today unveiled plans for future versions of Visual Studio®: .NET and the Microsoft® .NET Framework, outlining the enhancements that will be included to improve the productivity, scalability, and performance of Microsoft platforms and tools. The...
(July 29, 2003) - Microsoft Corp. has broadened the reach of its developer partner programs to provide a more diverse mix of partners with a wider variety of opportunities in the Microsoft® .NET ecosystem. The new program, renamed the Visual Studio® Industry Partner (VSIP) prog...
(July 29, 2003) - V3 Systems, provider of supply chain execution software for global manufacturers and 3PLs, has 'mobilized' its full suite of supply chain execution capabilities using the newly released Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC and Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. T...
(July 25, 2003) - ComponentOne LLC has released the Q3 2003 version of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, with enhancements to the WinForms and WebForms components, plus Studio for Mobile Devices and Sizer for .NET. ComponentOne Sizer for .NET provides users with two components that he...
There is an increasing amount of discussion around the topic of '.NET Purity' in development circles. When selling an application the question often arises 'is your application 100% .NET?' or 'How much of your application is .NET?' There is an implied qualitative judgment behind thes...
(July 16, 2003) - Microsoft has officially released the Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PCs Software Development Kit (SDK). This new SDK enables development of applications for Windows Mobile™-based Pocket PCs using eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0, and applications written in C# o...
When SYS-CON Media's sister company, SYS-CON Events, began preparing last year for this spring's Web Services Edge Conference & Expo, one consideration was paramount: every effort of the nine-month preparation cycle should be geared toward making it indisputably the world's largest ind...
The EAI Industry Consortium, global voice for the industry leaders in enterprise application integration, announced its alliance with BrainStorm Group Inc., DCI, Gartner Inc., Giga, and SYS-CON Media in a drive to showcase its member companies' competitive edge in the industry.
Infrastructure powerhouse Sybase, Inc., one of the world's largest independent software companies, has a very strong play in these cross-platform times: it aims to build bridges between heterogeneous technologies.
(February 5, 2002) - Cape Clear Software, a leading provider of Web services technology, has announced full support for Microsoft Visual Studio.NET in the latest release of its CapeConnect Web services platform. CapeConnect 3.5 extends Cape Clear's existing support by including native...
(July 10, 2002) - DataDirect Technologies Inc. has announced the introduction of DataDirect Connect® for .NET, new data connectivity components that enable software developers to access enterprise data using .NET.
(August 21, 2002) - Speaking to developers in Canada this week, after a four-year hiatus from speaking publicly north of the border, Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates appropriately made the crossing of boundaries one of the themes of his remarks.
(January 14, 2003) - Microsoft has just announced a technology that is sure to represent the most successful step yet towards it vision of 'information anywhere, anytime, on any device.' Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) will deliver up-to-the-minute stock reports, sports scores...
The latest incarnation of OpenLink Software's highly acclaimed Universal Server, splendidly named 'Virtuoso 3.0,' has just become available. What's new? Well, how about the fact that it provides transparent integration of .NET and Mono, the open-source community effort spearheaded by X...
(May 6, 2003) - Hoping to provide an alternative for C# developers to Microsoft's own Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio .NET 2003 products, Borland has announced the mid-summer availability of their new C#Builder IDE and the future availability of their Janeva J2EE interoperability ...
(Lexington, MA) -Rational Software announced Rational XDE Professional v2002, the first product to close the gap between design and development in industry-leading Java and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Until now, IDEs and design tools have be...

AJAXWorld Conference Live News Coverage
The official Release Candidate of Windows 7 will be available for download by MSDN and TechNet subscribers from April 30, according to the Windows Team Blog, but public availability won't begin till May 5th.
In ASP.NET 2.0, we introduced a very powerful set of application services in ASP.NET (Membership, Roles and profile). In 3.5 we created a client library for accessing them from Ajax and .NET Clients and exposed them via WCF web services. For more information on the base level ASP.NET ...
Microsoft introduced Silverlight as cross-platform, cross-browser next generation RIA solution. This session will use real world implementations to show you how to build a Silverlight application from start to finish, as well overall strategy why we should or shouldn't use Silverlight....
The Web has evolved into a structured data space of loosely connected databases, enabling granular data access-by-reference to Web-accessible entities, courtesy of HTTP. This evolution and the emergence of AJAX-based RIA technologies lay the foundation for a new generation of libraries...
SaaS based applications continue to grow at a staggering rate. According to software market analysts, SaaS represented approximately 5% of business software revenue in 2005 and, by 2011, 25% of new business software will be delivered as SaaS and will grow at a 21% % annual growth rate ...
Come see a no-slides, code-only presentation that starts with a blank directory and builds a data-driven, AJAX enabled, ASP.NET web application from scratch that implements common AJAX patterns with the rich set of AJAX Control Toolkit, accesses data with LINQ, and implements standards...
Today, there is a wealth of technologies to take advantage of to add AJAX behaviors to your Spring-based Java Web applications. This session will assume you know the basics of AJAX and Spring, and will dive straight into evaluating the leading AJAX technologies, and how to integrate th...
JavaScript is one of the most interesting and misunderstood programming languages in common use today. Most developers will go their entire careers without realizing its full potential. It's not often that you get a language that supports the feature set that JavaScript does, while sti...
As the mobile Web matures, we see more and more people running around airports with their mobile devices in hand, searching for hotel rooms, reading the news, or just playing video games. People are more connected with their mobile phone today than any other electronic device they use....
Apple has introduced a number of extensions to the JavaScript programming language to assist iPhone Web developers. Including new fast lookup functions, native SVG graphics processing, CSS effects, database storage and full screen mode. These new functions will transform the way Web an...
Latest AJAXWorld RIA Stories
The standardization of container runtimes and images has sparked the creation of an almost overwhelming number of new open source projects that build on and otherwise work with these specifications. Of course, there's Kubernetes, which orchestrates and manages collections of cont...
Chris Matthieu is the President & CEO of Computes, inc. He brings 30 years of experience in development and launches of disruptive technologies to create new market opportunities as well as enhance enterprise product portfolios with emerging technologies. His most recent venture ...
To Really Work for Enterprises, MultiCloud Adoption Requires Far Better and Inclusive Cloud Monitoring and Cost Management … But How? Overwhelmingly, even as enterprises have adopted cloud computing and are expanding to multi-cloud computing, IT leaders remain concerned about how...
David Friend is the co-founder and CEO of Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company that delivers fast, low-cost, and reliable cloud storage. Prior to Wasabi, David co-founded Carbonite, one of the world's leading cloud backup companies. A successful tech entrepreneur for more than 3...
Whenever a new technology hits the high points of hype, everyone starts talking about it like it will solve all their business problems. Blockchain is one of those technologies. According to Gartner's latest report on the hype cycle of emerging technologies, blockchain has just ...
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2008 SYS-CON TV Keynotes: Can We Fix the Web? By Douglas Crockford - by Douglas Crockford
2008 SYS-CON TV Keynotes: 2008: The Year of the RIA - by Anthony Franco
2008 SYS-CON TV Power Panel: The Business Value of RIAs
2008 SYS-CON TV Power Panel: What Lies Beyond AJAX
2007 SYS-CON TV Keynotes: Why Web 2.0 for the Enterprise Is Far More Than Just a Facelift - by Ted Farrell
2007 SYS-CON TV Keynotes: Fueling the Next Generation Web: A Peek Behind the Green Curtain - by Bob Brewin
2007 SYS-CON TV Keynotes: AJAX in the Balance - by Joe Stagner

AJAXWorld Sessions on SYS-CON.TV

· Bill Scott - Yahoo! UI Library
· David Heinemeier Hansson - AJAX on Rails
· Jesse James Garrett - Elements of User Experience
· Dion Hinchcliffe - Real World AJAX
· Eric Miraglia - Open Source AJAX Development
· Paul Rademacher - Mashing Up Your Web Application
· Adam Sah - Google Gadgets
· Doug Crockford - An Introduction to JavaScript
· David Linthicum - Enterprise Web 2.0
· Patrick Grady - The Imagination & Experience Web

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